Athena is the goddess of Greek myths of wisdom, technology, craft, and tactics. We named our company Athena wishing that we could be as the goddess of wisdom and algorithm, and our support to be appreciated as a heavenly gift for the customers.
We contribute the society through business by providing abundant knowledge based on experiences and new ideas for the customers. Responsible to various kinds of support about company management through the standardization.
Company Name: Athena Co., Ltd.
Address: #1657-11 Kami-Oyamada Machida-City Tokyo 194-0201, JAPAN
Contact: TEL 81-42-798-7107   FAX 81-42-798-7109
Established: September 1, 1997
Pres. : Mr. Kiyowo Miyata
JRCA registered Quality Management System Lead auditor )
JRCA registered Information Security Management System Lead auditor )
DNV contracted Lead auditor 1998-2015)
Enployee: 4 persons
Feature: - Preparing/reviewing/tailoring various kinds of documents
- Consulting/planning for documentation
Management Systems
Responsible to the establishment of the management system and the maintenance of these systems:
  • - Internal Control System
  • - ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • - ISO14001 Environment Management System
  • - ISO20000 Information Technology Service Management System
  • - ISO27001 Information Security Management System
  • - Integrated Management System
Preparing User's Manuals
Responsible to improvement on the value of your products, such as machinery, electric devices, medical apparatus, furniture, sporting and leisure goods, by:
  • - Analyzing the feature and danger of the products
  • - Examining the damage assumed
  • - Planning and making content of user's manuals
  • - Preparing the product safety signs and labels
  • - Preparing the software operating manuals
Preparing Documents
Responsible to preparing various kinds of documentation proper Japanese, such as:
  • - Company explanations
  • - Sales promotion information such as brochures, proposals, or specifications
  • - Other kinds of documents